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there are several methods and theories about the best way of teaching and learning a foreign language.The most ancient method is the Grammatical translation method that was pretty good for classical languages (Latin and Greek) because these two language have a similar grammatical structure. During the years other methods appear such us audio lingual ism, ppp method, task based learning, communicative language learning, community language teaching, silent way, lexical theory, suggestpedia. So all these methods have positive and negative sides, but it is a common opinion that in order to learn in the most effective way a new language there have be some elements which are sintetised in Elicitation. So, students must be exposed as much as possible to the new language, teacher have to give some input to, exposion to the new language is important but not enough, you have to reduce as much as possibly anxiety and stress. Elicitation is the main factor that cHaracterizes ESA method, ENGAGE - STUDY - ACTIVATE. TEFL course is based on ESA method.