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This unit dealt with pronunciation and phonology. Intonation and stress were discussed in relation to pronunciation. Intonation is the tone over a sentence where stress relates to individual syllables. Intonation is used to make meaning clear. The normal pattern of intonation is rise and fall but to seek an answer, express surprise or show that you are still speaking, your pattern will reverse to a fall/rise pattern. A flat pattern shows the speaker has little interest in continuing the conversation. Stressing a single syllable in a word can change the entire meaning of a sentence. Though more words in English are unstressed than stressed, it is important to practice the proper syllables to stress so that the correct meaning is conveyed. The unit also discussed the four ways that sounds are joined in English. The unit ended by discussing articulation, from the places in the mouth and throat where articulation takes place, to the manner in which that articulation happens as affected by air pressure as well as tongue and lip placement.