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This unit compared and contrasted two different teaching styles and classroom samples. One of them is efficient, the other is inefficient. In the inefficient lesson, the teacher is disorganized, as well rude and discouraging. He failed to give good examples that illustrated the concept (either its vocabulary or grammar). In the second lesson, the teacher uses visual aides and mimes out the vocabulary. This vocabulary is then used to relate to the grammar point of the lesson. He also learned all of his students' names and encouraged them as much as possible.In this unit I have learned conditionals and reported speech informations. I have also learned full details about 5 main conditionals: zero conditional,first conditional,second conditional,third conditional and mixed conditional. We should pay more attention when explaining the conditionals. Because many students confuse first and second conditionals. And third and mixed conditionals as well. We can also teach reported speech with the help of a role-play. For example: two friends stopped talking to each other and will communicate only through a third party.