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There are many aspects of being a good learner as there are parts to being a good teacher, which creates the dynamic where if the teacher does not practice every aspect of good teaching they could not realize a student is a good learner or a notice a students weaknesses. A good teacher should always balance class time between activities and instruction, along with knowing when to participate and when to let the students be independent. Depending on the students a teacher has determines the balance, such as with younger students a teacher might plan more games and more interactive activities, while with older students lectures and discussion based activities are deemed more appropriate. But it is not all on the teacher the students have to give or they might not receive the full benefit of the lesson. The student has to be willing to learn or it will be harder for the teacher. Overall for the student to learn they must embody the aspects of a good learner and the teacher must must be the culmination of the aspects of a good teacher.