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This unit has been the most interesting so far in the course. It involves Phonetics and Phonology which include the way we use intonation and stress in speech to convey meanings, as well the way we say each sound in English using the Phonetic alphabet. This unit is especially helpful to teach to new English learners as it allows them to better understand different sounds in English that may be spelt the same in common writing. It gives them a better understanding of the confusing spelling and sound system in English.The unit with video lessons is indeed a useful break from the theoretical material presented so far. The contrast between two different teaching styles shows the importance of the teacher's attitude when giving a class. The awareness of students' knowledge and skills in the new language proves to be critical in a proper lesson planning and execution to reach learner's objectives. The second lesson with the use of ESA structure gives a good example how it can be implemented. Overall, the video lessons are very useful.