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In this chapter we learnt Modals, Phrasal Verbs and Passive Voice. The modals are, can, might, shall, must, hate to, have got to, needn't and ought to are used before other verbs ta and meaning to the main verb. Passive voices are 2 voices used in English and they are active and the passive. For both active voice and the passive, the tense of the sentence always remain the same. The passive is most frequently used when it is not known, not important or we don't want to say exactly who performs an action.This unit covered the different types of tests that might be administered in an TESL classroom, including placement, diagnostic, progress, and practice tests. The information given was, personally, a bit redundant, although still necessary to know for a teacher. As previous students, we already know what kinds of tests are being given in school; whether we know their nomenclature is a different story, but we all can at least understand the concepts. That previous knowledge makes this section superfluous.