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This unit helped reestablish my understanding of the different present forms. This unit was a good refresher in reminding me what formats are used for each present form. Whether it is present perfect or present continuous, I now have a better understanding of which category different sentences fall within. Present perfect, present continuous, and present perfect continuous can all be a little confusing and this unit helped show me the differences between the three and how I can teach them to my students.This perticular unit yells all Model Auxillary verbs of english language. To express differing degreeof formality. I didn't know that the passive is most frequently used when it isn't known. One of the things i learned in this unit is that a relative clause is a dependent clause that modifies a noun. Also many teaching ideas can occure. Roleplays are of English roleplays a rich source of teaching ideas. Following rules is an inportantregulations for a good opportunity for usage of models of obligations.