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This unit is about evaluating and testing students of ESL lessons. It devides into three ways to assess students skills, named tutorials, evaluating by students and tests. It further describes the various kinds of tests conducted in a language schools and when to hold them as well as external tests that have a global character and are normally the goal of the students, that they can proof their knowledge with a valid certificate. As an example, the unit shows four section of a placement test that is used to see the already learned skills and to choose the right class for the student.Unit 11: In Unit 11 I learned about teaching receptive skills. There are two receptive skills, reading and listening, they are both equally important. In everyday life as well, as the classroom, we read for a variety of different reasons and use equally different techniques to do so. To predict, scan, and skim are some of these skills used. The sum total of these skills are use to understand the overall meaning of the information in front of a learner. A person teaching English can become a more effective teacher by understanding these skill and how they apply to a classroom setting.