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This unit is full of tips on how to control/manage your class much better. It speaks about the type of body language, tone of voice and approach to students that a teacher should have. I learned about the importance of reducing teacher talk time and increasing student talk time. This is something I definitely need to work on. Another interesting thing I noted is that when giving instructions, it is wise to have the language level one notch below the level you are teaching to ensure optimum understanding.For me, this is one of the most challenging areas of teaching English. Pronunciation is one of the aspects of English ( and probably every other language) that is not taught in any depth to natives and as such, it is one of the hardest areas to teach in my opinion. This holds especially true for large class sizes. I found this unit very challenging to read, and even more so to retain the information. However, the tips given in this unit such as using charts and peer correction as tools, are very useful.