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There are huge differences between the two ESA demonstration classes. During the course of the two lessons there are clearly noticeable differences: the teachers' attitude directly affected the level of the students participation within the lesson,the classroom atmosphere directly affects a student's willingness to participate and understand the lesson content, a teacher's manner, style and teaching ability are directly linked to this. An effective teacher, must have a positive attitude and a flexible approach, in order to create a positive learning environment for students.This unit, for me, has been very informational. Some of the theories in this unit, were taught to me while taking other education classes and it was very interesting to see them used in new ways. For example, I was taught about Pavlov and his stimulus-response theory for psychology and it is very interesting to see his theory used at a language teaching method. I seem to agree with the ESA approach the most in all the theories because it is flexible, fun, not always predictable, and you can change it to suit your lessons, the culture of the students and your teaching style.