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There are four basic skills for any language: the receptive skills (reading and listening) and the productive skills (speaking and writing). This units focuses on the teaching of receptive skills. I learned that the receptive skill is not simply the using of the eyes and ears: it is a cognitive process that differs from person to person. To deal with difficulty with reading and listening, the teach can pre-teach the possible unknown vocabulary, select texts with appropriate difficulty and try to cater with students' interests, and try to create student interest in the topic.This unit gave a great insight to the various types of students/individuals and the needs/problems they may have in regards to learning English. The unit talks about young learners and the attention needs they may have, as well as some solutions for said problems. For example, one student may not receive enough attention at home and rather than letting them be problematic in the classroom, allow them to be an assistant and help with activities. Similarly, the unit also gave a great way to plan for business students who may have different goals and objectives than each other.