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Non English speakers must be motivated to learn the language with appropriate level based activities in order to get the best reinforce ment.ESA lesson plan is the best one for students who take longer to understand English.One class should be assigned for students to communicate in their Native language,doing this may help develop rapport with classmates and teacher.Encourage students for their interests and hobbies.Discussing about economic backgrounds of students will not get productive outcome.Every student must greet each other and interact.Groupism in class should be discouraged.Unit 8 refreshed my knowledge of future tenses but also left some confusion future perfect continuous and future continuous. I had thought they were the same prior to actually pulling both terms apart. Through breaking both tenses down. I learned the difference between them is, future perfect continuous refers to how long something will have been contained by a certain time. Where as, future continuous is something that will be happening at a particular time in the future. The break down of their usages and the examples really helped to make both tenses clearer and easily identifiable.