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This was the first unit where I had the opportunity to also view the accompanying video - which was a helpful component. I think a unit on Lesson Plans is critical, whether you choose to follow one or not. As the text said, many experienced teachers may not bother but I think it's an invaluable tool for less experienced teachers giving them a game plan and adding structure to the lesson which they may not have been able to naturally incorporate. Most importantly, a lesson plan enables you to set goals for student learning and progress and check to see if those goals have been achieved.This section was particularly challenging to me because I had never studied nor consciously used these methods in my teaching. I found however that I already utilize the Straight Arrow ESA Method in my teaching without realizing that I was using a well-proven method. Know that I have an understanding of Boomerang ESA and Patchwork ESA, I would like to use these newly learned methods in my teaching, particularly for my more advanced classes. Using these methods in addition to Straight Arrow ESA will make my lessons less predictable and give me more options of how to teach each class.