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This unit gives me a deeper understanding of the grammar structure. It gives me a chance to reevaluate my personal struggle with English since it is not my first language. I realized that I need to strengthen my knowledge regarding the variety of verb, and the specifics of gerund usage. For example: I love the shining windows of the building. I personally find it hard to determine whether the \"shining\" count as a verb or gerund. If I encountered such dilemma in the future, I will discuss it with other colleagues or senior teachers for further guidance.Unit 4 explores the four different types of present tenses: present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. It explains the role of the auxiliary verbs in formulating the affirmative, the negative and the question. It also differentiates between the 1st person, 2nd person and 3 person forms. Additionally, this unit sheds light onto the way the base form of a verb is altered depending on the type of tense. Clarifying that there are a rules to regular verbs but the majority of irregular verb will just have to be memorized.