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This unit highlighted, through the use of videos, the importance of the role as the teacher in the conveyance of information. The first lesson was abysmal. The teacher broke all the rules of teaching effectively and clearly did not succeed in imparting any worthwhile knowledge to the students. The second video depicted the importance of: a positive and engaging attitude from the teacher; having a well-prepared and varied lesson plan to follow; the clarity, complexity and speed of the voice of the teacher; the clarity of the instructions and explanations; including all the students and knowing their names; monitoring all the students throughout the study phase; ensuring that before the study or activate phase can start, the students must have a clear understanding of the topic discussed in the engage stage. A teacher must also be knowledgeable about his topic and introduce many different ways to involve the students in the learning process. This is a very visual method of highlighting the importance of the teacher in each lesson.