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The content of this unit centres on teaching receptive skills in the Teaching English as a Foreign Language classroom. This course unit revisits the teaching theory - Engage, Study and Activate - and focuses on reading and listening skills out of the four basic skills (in addition to reading and listening skills, there are speaking and writing skills) useful in any language. The importance of, and reasons for, reading and listening skills were extensively discussed. Furthermore, the methods/techniques and activities involved in learning reading and listening skills were also discussed.This unit strengthened my knowledge concerning what is important while teaching an L2; I learned that usage, meanings, patterns, etc. are vital components of one's teaching technique. I'm now more aware of the reality that 'the simpler the better'. It's important not to overload the students with unnecessary information such as the etymology of a vocabulary word, for example. This unit sharpened my understanding of the ESA approach; i have a fuller comprehension of the boomerang and patchwork lesson structures, and would feel comfortable planning a lesson according to these structures.