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I have worked as a corporate trainer for decades, but this unit taught me many valuable insights into teaching those who don't have English as their first language. The tips for increasing student talk time will be very helpful, like pair work and letting students help and correct each other. I also found the ideas for giving instructions interesting - using language at a lower level, using the same words for same instructions, using visual cues and demonstrations - and I will be sure to utilize those in my classes.I found this unit more challenging than the first one, but a great learning process. What was new for me was the listing of the different methodologies one can use. I really appreciate the different examples given, which really helped me understand more. I can see how useful this unit would be in order to prepare a class session. Once again I am very happy to see that when I'm working with children I already use a couple of these learning strategies in a natural way, without realising before hand what is was called!