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In this lesson I learned about how to effectively manage a classroom. The lesson dealt with how to use eye contact and your voice effectively in a lesson. Additionally, the arrangement of classroom desks was discussed. The positives and negatives of different seating arrangements and student groupings was discussed in the lesson. When giving instructions it is important that students build and gain rapport with the instructor and with the other students in the classroom. This built and maintained rapport is helpful in allowing the students to learn at the best rate possible.I agree 100% about the course book. I worked in a school before that told me that I could have a lot of autonomy in my classroom as long as I followed the course book, vocabulary, grammar, tests, and projects. The course book is there to help balance student needs. The course books at the school were outdated and rather boring. I would try to create other materials to bring some excitement back to the classroom. I know that there is a purpose to the course text book, but students will not benefit from that alone. I hope that in my future classroom, I will have more autonomy.