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This unit provided visual examples of what not to do and what to do when conducting a class. It highlighted that a positive attitude in the teacher and an organized lesson plan are vital for class participation, comprehension and overall success. I learned to give plenty of examples, just like the teacher in video 2, to make sure the students will understand how to use the language correctly and know what is expected of them in the activity phase as well as give plenty of praise and commendation for the effort and participation shown.This unit focuses on teaching pronunciation and is one of the longet and perhaps most difficult so far for as it states phonology is a complex and confusing part of language which is generally disregarded in most courses. It explains the different ways of intonation and stress which are important to deduce meaning out of a sentence and the places and manners of articulation so as to better understand and practice how to properly pronounce words. I found the unit to be particularly interesting and found the teaching ideas very helpful.