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This unit has most definitely cleared up the confusion found from most modern grammar texts and has certainly helped. The distinctions between the different parts of speech and their understanding could lead to a rapid grasp of the English language for any student. It was interesting to know and find out the different rules that apply with the parts of speech and also how they are formed within sentences. The explanations given within this unit will certainly make teaching much easier when conveying a concept to a student.Unit 15 is about evaluation and testing. There are three ways to assess a student's language level; Tutorials,Evaluation by the students and Tests. Tests wll be given at different stages in a course. Placement tests are designed to place new students into the correct class. Progress tests are used regulary to let teachers and students know what language items need more work. Diagnostic tests are given at the start of the course. Practice tests are similar to external exam because they are usually given to prepare for them.