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In this unit we learn how to make the most out of a teaching day. We learn of the different engaging techniques, how to make the absorbing of informations easier and more fun. We learn how and when to correct the students, and how to prompt them to express more. We learned about the Patchwork lesson, which tells us how to set up a lesson following the Engage-study-activate lesson and how to use the Boomerang lesson. We also learned what to do in each stage, and how to deal with mistakes and feesbacks.I believe that this unit was one of the more difficult units for me because every situation is unique when working with the different cultures and adult learners. I believe that it is very hard to really \"nail down\" how to handle each of the unique situations which is why this unit was extrememly challenging for me. There are so many examples and methods to pull from but the bottom line is that it will take time in working with various cultures and groups before a certain level of comfort is reached.