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In unit 19 i learned that there are different types of groups that one as a teacher might be exposed to so not only do we have to be flexible but accept the fact that we will not always know everything or the backgrounds of what the student does or how to do their job but we must always remember we are there to teach English, nothing more. It is also important to analyze the students needs and wants to be able to integrate it in the mandatory material that must be covered to fulfill the purpose of learning for the student.this unit, in understanding the difference between productive skills: speaking and writing. Both are equal important, so both have to be stressed upon, in the class room. With speaking you have two areas, accuracy witch is more focused on, the using correct language, and fluency is more about creative language. with however, with writing skills are a bit different. with being a negated area of english learning, for being harder for more then specking english. a good teacher needs to focus time, dedicated to this task.