TESOL Jobs Brazil Apucarana

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Teaching English, or any language, requires someone with patience and persistence, who enjoys teaching and can motivate his/her learners while offering encouragement and clear direction along the way. But teachers are only a part of the equation. A good learner will bring their own motivation and enthusiasm, a willingness to ask questions and to try speaking, even if they are liable to make mistakes. A teacher takes on many roles in the classroom situation; sometimes managing and directing, participating, prompting, modeling, observing and tutoring. A good teacher will grasp how to move within these roles in such a way that the class can both learn and have time to practice in an environment that is fun and motivating. A good teacher can inspire learners to reach new goals and grow in ways they may not have anticipated. And a good learner can also be an encouragement to the teacher, who may have spent many hours in preparation for class. Both good teachers and students are important when it comes to learning a new language.