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Wow. I understand why late in the unit it said something to the effect of, \"teach this material SLOWLY.\" There are a lot of conditional forms and ways of reporting speech, and I must say, were it not for the ideas you provided on how to teach them, I think I would have been at a loss and I would have inevitably contacted a colleague in a language department to provide me with some help. As it is, however, I can envision crafting a unit using the ideas you provided that would be engaging and purposeful, and that students would come out of it knowing how to make conditional statements. As for the reporting of speech, the diagram that you provided demonstrating which reporting tense went with which direct speech tense was exceptionally easy to understand--I can imagine making something like it as a cheat sheet for students as they were learning. Were I to be teaching a unit (or sub-unit) on reporting speech, I can imagine having students write stories, perhaps a detective type story, to ensure there was lots of reporting.