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Unit 5 covered methods to help manage a class of students and teaching techniques to help one achieve a well maintained classroom. The unit covered everything from seating to discipline, which can all help you feel more prepared with how to face an actual class. It made sure to repeat some points which have been given in other units, such as limiting teacher talk time and encouraging student talk time in order to make lessons more interesting. The explanation on arrangements of classrooms was quite helpful, explaining how to arrange seats and what you could hope to convey to students while having them seated in a particular order. The unit also delved in to what a teacher is expected to do as far as discipline goes and how they are to know the best methods. What I gathered is that every teacher should become knowledgeable of the school's disciplinary code in order to react correctly to situations where it is needed. Overall, I found unit 5 to be very straightforward and understandable in comparison to previous units.