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This unit compared a good lesson and a bad lesson. I have had lessons of both types. We must remember that while a lesson might seem straightforward to us, as a native speaker, some things (such as difficult animal vocabulary) can make a simple exercise very confusing. As teachers, we must anticipate what students might find confusing or difficult and attempt to address those issues or present the material in a way that these issues will not come up. The teacher's personality and attitude makes a big difference. A friendly teacher will encourage students to try, a serious teacher, will be intimidating. Perhaps the biggest challenge is staying calm and supportive when students either do not volunteer, or get confused on a simple point. I have one high school class right now with low participation, to be honest, it is like pulling teeth to get those kids to speak. I will look at my next lesson plan and try to anticipate the difficult parts and use them as a warm up, like the teacher from the \"good\" lesson.