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This unit talks about the type of materials a teacher could use in the classroom, how to create them and adapt them and how to put them into practice.Then the topic of how to create a lesson plan is presented, together with an useful example for future reference.Some sources to be used to obtain materials, from the internet as well, are introduces. I found the part about designing materials to be very useful, since the motivation of the students is higher when they enjoy the materials they use, therefore they are likely to make more progress and stay engaged in the activities.In this unit we have seen that a present tense is a grammatical tense whose principal function is to locate a situation or events in the present.under tghe present tense we have looked at the present simple, present continuous,present perfect and present perfect continuous tenses.we have also looked at their various form, usage. therefore a teacher should be able to know these grammatical tenses so as to be able to pass the knowledge to their students and to able to teach the students when and how to use such tenses in their daily life and where ever they may find themselves.