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Now, each ESL class is different, and they all have different goals, but no matter what their age or level, students must understand that they must at the very least try to speak as much English as they can, even if it is for simple greetings, requests or statements. There will always be problems that come up in your ESL lessons, but with a little forethought and flexibility, you can handle almost anything. Generally problems will fall into three groups: problems with planning a lesson, such as lack of time, or a need for new ideas; problems with materials, such as difficulty in finding or adapting materials, and problems with the textbook; and finally, problems with classroom management, where the ESL students are uncooperative or inattentive, or perhaps you have more than one level to deal with in the classroom. All of these problems can be minimized by careful preparation, the use of a variety of ESL activities and games to supplement your main text, and good communication with your students.