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In this unit, I learned about receptive skills. This unit was somewhat different, in that in past lessons specific grammar points were emphasized, such as present tense verbs, future tense, etc. But in this unit, two needed skills were highlighted: listening and reading. These skills are very important, and a good teacher will ensure that his or her students have many opportunities to improve those skills. I think that the internet can help students all over the world to improve their receptive skills. Students can watch videos and interviews in English whenever they want.Teachers have many different methods and techniques for planning lessons. It is important for beginning teachers to write out lesson plans in order to be completely prepared. Following the basic principles of lesson planning and being organized before is vital to the effectiveness of the lesson. Another crucial part of lesson planning is making sure all of the components of the lesson are included, such as learning objectives, personal aims, and anticipated problems that may arise. The effectiveness of lesson plans is crucial for English language learners to be successful.