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This unit discusses the teaching of pronunciation. This area is often neglected in English language teaching, yet it is one of the aspects students find the most difficult to learn. The text talks about intonation, stress and rhythm in English and human beings? sound-producing mechanisms. It also introduces the International Phonetic Alphabet. In addition to theories, this unit introduces some practical techniques of teaching intonation, stress and pronunciation as well. After learning this chapter, I find myself equipped with a deeper understanding of English phonemics.I learnt that there are twelve different tenses in English language past, present and future tenses are the majors.Each of these tenses have been categorized into simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous and they are divided into their sub-divisions. I learnt also how to form each of them to make a correct sentence, in a positive, negative and question way. As an English teacher it is also important to know when, how and where these tenses can be used. I learnt also that when using the tenses the verb is very important, it shows if the sentence is correct or not.