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I found this unit to be quite useful in particular. The reason being I actually got to see a real life class and in the process see what can really go wrong in a classroom and what the causes of the those mishaps might have been. Not only that I was also shown what I successful class might look like and the things I can do to make such a successful lesson to be a reality. In short I learned that the things I do as I teacher will play key roles in the success of the students I have. Therefore, planning combined with a good degree of flexibility is a must.This unit focused on conditionals and direct/indirect speech. What I found to be new was the five main conditional types. I studied conditionals in Grammar 304. But the extent of our conditional ?types? was limited to identifying the dependent and independent clauses. I also found the section on direct speech to be new and challenging. The rules of switching verbs from direct speech to reported speech seems like it?s something every native English speaker already knows. But when you have to identify the correct tense, things become more challenging.