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While some teachers disagree with regular tests, the reality is that many schools will have a curriculum that includes tests, and other teachers would argue that tests are a vital part of education, as they show not only what students have effectively learned and retained, but also where problem areas are. This second part is also beneficial as it allows the teacher to know what may need to be revised. I have learned about different testing styles, and approaches to tests, from this unit. Certain kinds of tests are more appropriate for different purposes.The content in this unit helped the teacher understand the ways in which their physical presence is helpful to the students. Along with this like eye contact, hand gestures, teacher position in the room, and a good rapport, a classroom setup up is equally important. From the type of desk formation to knowing which students get along and will help each other or impede each other is all important and interesting. Students with poor behavior should be noted and remembered, for it might be something out of control of the teacher that is causing the behavior.