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Unit 17 describes the various forms of teaching equipment available. It ranges from high-tech equipment to low-tech equipment. I was surprised that the cassette-recorder was mentioned as one of the most useful tools for teachers. I though cassette recorders were obsolete. With my ESL student, she doesn't have access to a computer, so we've utilized objects, the smartphone recorder, the Duolingo language application, worksheets, and a course workbook with worksheep exercises. The online listing of resources I thinkn will be very handy in the future. There were also many tips given in this chapter that I think will be useful to me, such as, making sure the student is not too overly reliant on a computer or dictionary as they advance and the use of the video camera feature on my students phone I think will be handy as she advances, so that she can view herself speaking English; I think the video recording of herself speaking English would be a good way to offer feedback and self-correction.