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Students often have a vocalubary other than that of the classroom. These students will often understand many more words than they can actively use. Vocabulary does not have a certain rule of which level it should be taught at. As a teacher I should pay attention to the strategies and techniques being used while teaching a new language. When teaching vocalubary I should consider: Appropriacy to the students Appropriacy to the task Frequency and coverage Teachability. Grammatical structure should be taught at certain student levels. Students should know the meaning, use, forms and patterns and how the language is spoken and written. Grammar differs in spoken and written English. As a teacher I should be able to teach the system of rules that covers the order of words in a sentence. For the students it is important to understand but also to be able to form a correct grammatical structured sentence in English. When teaching grammar I should consider: Complexibilty Learnability and Teachability.