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The concepts of modal verbs, passive voice, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs are necessary concepts for helping students navigate the world of English grammar. For modal verbs, there are many auxiliary verbs that are used to add meaning to the verbs and express obligation, possibility, ability, and degrees of formality. When using passive voice, students should be made aware that this construction is used when it is not known, or not important who performs the action. When considering relative clauses, it is important to consider when the clause if defining (essential to the meaning of the sentence) versus non defining (non essential). Lastly, for phrasal verbs, these can be confusing to students often because of the particle changes that change the meaning of the verbs. It is also important to consider if the phrasal verbs are separable or inseparable, in order for teachers to best help students with correct grammatical construction of sentences using the many common phrasal verbs.