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This unit has covered the basic information on parts of speech of the English language (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions): their subdivisions, functions, place they take in a sentence etc. I had a splendid opportunity to refresh my knowledge on some of the parts of speech mentioned in the unit. There were some new things for me to learn, like \"occur-occuring / happen-happening\" (depending on which syllable of the word is stressed, we either double the final consonant or not). It was also the first time when I came across such a subbdivision of adverbs according to the function they perform, i.e. 1)comment/attitude, e.g. perhaps; 2)linking, e.g. firstly, secondly; 3)viewpoint, e.g. morally, mentally; 4)adding/limiting, e.g. else, also. Despite the fact I learnt the English grammar before it's nice to watch the videos to every unit, as you can observe the way another teacher explains the material. It can be really helpful for your future job.