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Modal auxiliary verbs are easy to use because they never change form or tense. These verbs are full of possibilities! In fact, possibility is just one thing modal auxiliary verbs can show; they can also indicate necessity, capability, or willingness. Modal auxiliary verbs are used to show a necessity, capability, willingness, or possibility. Unlike most verbs, there is only one form for these verbs. Typically, verb forms change to indicate whether the sentence's subject is singular or plural. Most verbs also indicate whether something happened in the past, present, or future. This is not the case with most modal auxiliary verbs, which makes them simpler to understand and use correctly Modal auxiliary verbs can also be used to express differing degrees of formality. Clauses, be it independent, dependent or related clauses are a group of words containing a subject and a verb. Phrasal verbs be them Transitive, Transitive separable, or Transitive in separable all have roles to play in learning