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This unit explains about 'if conditional' and 'reported speech'. There are 5 types of conditional: zero, first, second, third, and mixed. Zero conditional refers to facts that are undeniable. For example, if you freeze water it changes into ice. First conditional is about real situation in the future that is possible to take place. For example, if you come at 8, I will prepare dinner for you. Second conditional is about a present or future scenario that is unlikely to happen. For example, if I had a million dollar, I would travel around the world. Third conditional is about hypothetical past actions with their results. For example, I would have been married to him, if he hadn't cheated on me. Each conditional has different forms and usages. Indirect speech is used when we want to tell other people about what a particular person has said or asked in the past. Every tenses in the direct speech has to be changed when we want to report it. The changes are discussed thoroughly in this unit.