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I took a linguistics class in college and was surprised as to how much of it I had actually forgotten. It is overwhelming to have to \"relearn\" the alphabet only in a different form, but once you do learn it, you can read any words in English as it's spelled in the dictionary. I really appreciated this unit because not only does it explain everything you need to know about phonetics, but it goes over effective teaching methods for it, which I'll admit, I had no idea where to start in terms of teaching IRA or how to properly teach pronounciation in ways Japanese children could understand. My only other question would be how to keep their attention during these classes. In my experience, I've tried tongue twisters as a warm up activity. While the students enjoyed it, it was obvious they had no idea what they were saying, and after about 5 minutes, they started to lose interest. But I'll keep reading through the unit, and looking through other lessons to see about helping to remedy this.