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I consider this unit to be brief and short. I think, you guys missed mentioning what you can nowadays do on the internet. There are thousands of websites where you can find authentic materials; you can also find thousands of ideas to make teaching materials for very especial audiences. Authentic materials will always be good as long as they adapt to the reality of the culture you are teaching at. In countries like China, Japan, South Korea; where the use of internet is really high, ESL teachers face a difficult challenge; they have to be up to date so they can provide students with good materials, for them to enjoy learning. Text books are a beneficial tool for ESL teachers, but it is necessary to mention, they become outdated fast and quickly. They cost money and most students prefer not to buy them. They either make copies of them or just download them from links on websites. YONNY DARIO RODRIGUEZ CHIRINOS ESL TEACHER THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INDIANAPOLIS IN +1 360 3102647