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A good learning experience consists of many factors, two of those are also a good teacher and a \"good\" student. A teacher plays many roles, from manager to tutor, but a good teacher knows when and where to use each of the roles. A good teacher is also fair, kind, patient, has a lot of knowledge about the subject he or she teaches and also knows how to motivate students. There are also different students, they can be young or adult, they have different reasons for learning English, have different level of motivation and they have different levels of English (from beginner to advanced) but a good student is willing to listen, experiment and ask questions and has a desire to learn. From this lesson I learned that if you want to be a good teacher is not just knowledge you need but also willingness to adapt to different situation and students you teach. A teacher should be aware of different cultural differences of the country they are in, age of the students and many other factors.