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The content of this unit taught me all about theories, methods, and techniques. There are numerous methodologies: Grammar - translation, Audio - lingualism, PPP (Presentation, Practice, and Production), The Lexical Approach, Task Based Learning, Suggestopaedia, The Silent Way, Communicative Language Teaching, Community Language Learning, and ESA (Engage, Study, and Activate). ESA is an effective method because it gives the educator some flexibility. Students need to be motivated, introduced to the language, and have the chance to use it. Elicitation is an extremely relevant feature of an EFL lesson and there are different elicitation techniques such as flashcards, drawings, miming, and more. I also learned about how to give feedback and correction techniques. All of these common methods and techniques produce best results although each one of them has their own pros and cons, it really depends upon certain circumstances on which method works best for you and your students.