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After watching both videos, one must realize as a teacher, your attitude and actions, can have a direct effect on your studentt's learning. It was heartbreaking to watch the first video, and unfortunately, I have been in those classrooms, as I'm sure many of us have too, over the years of our own educational careers. Ridicule and an impersonal environment is no place for learning. The most important thing you can do is make your classroom inviting. Right there, that creates an invitation for learning to take place. Praise, encouragement and a positive attitude can make the differece between success and failure. As teachers, it is our job to be that fir our students. We are their cheerleaders in the classroom. We are there to motivate and inspire them to be better learners and to assist and prompt them, not discourage them. I'm grateful that TEFL showed both sides of the teaching techniques so that we all can be more effective teachers for our students.