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The Teaching and Learning unit is a content-rich module. It begins with a brief overview of the critical learning and development theories. The next topic is native language and second language acquisition. There is a difference between language acquisition and language learning. The text then moves on to an explanation, by way of recap, of the ESA model, describing the Straight Arrow, Boomerang and Patchwork variants. I found the topic of the learning environment very enlightening. The layout of the classroom can make such a difference to the effectiveness of the class and the engagement of the students. The teacher has several roles to play - instructor, facilitator, mentor, psychologist, counsellor and policeman. The unit then presented a detailed section on skills, and how to develop both the productive and receptive skills of five to nine-year-olds, as well as nine to thirteen-year-olds. The text concluded with an explanation of maturation and the task sheet.