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This unit 7 I learned more about the Grammar, Vocabulary, Functions that one does not appear or missing so appealing and attractive without the other parts are not so effective or useless. And this Grammar and Vocabulary is more impact to our student because they will understand how to pronounce and understand what is the meaning of the word. And this unit gives me again what kind of ESA will I can use and some tips to how I will easy share my idea or knowledge to my students.Unit 13 was a mind blowing chapter as to be expected. Within it we discovered the often skimmed over topic of pronunciation and Phonology. This portion of language learning is often not given enough attention due to the difficulty of tackling it. It's difficult to explain and difficult to understand but is worth the effort. The proper use of intonation, rhythm, and stress within a sentence are vital to ensuring that what the speaker meant to say was understood by the listener.