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Unit 14 discusses the uses of course books and lesson materials and their associated positives and negatives. One of the benefits of having a course book is that as a new english teacher it gives you a clear syllabus, outline, and ideas for lesson plans for a general audience. One of the problems with course books is it can shoehorn students/teachers into a one size fits all that students may find unattractive and uninteresting and at times may be at the wrong level. One way you can fix this is to have a mixed or hybrid syllabus/class where you omit some of the materials and use other materials along side the course book and the teacher book. Course books can be great but most teachers don’t get to choose. One of the advantages of authentic texts is that they can be modified and you have control over some of the lesson. Students will find them more interesting and they can be incorporated into the engage and the activate stages of an ESA lesson plan.