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In this lesson, it was clear to me how awful or how much fun the lesson can be. In the first lesson, the teacher never introduced himself or smiled. He was talking fast and he had a terrible attitude. Beside the fact he was agitated, he also was pointing the finger. He did ask the student for their name. He also used a not very kind vocabulary. I can go on and on, it actually was super painful to watch it. In the second Lesson, the class was so much fun. He started with a nice introduction, wrote his name on the board, He asked the student to write their name and to be visitable to him. In the class, he smiled and he was so much fun. I could tell more effective the class was and how happy the students were. His tone of the speech was softer and slower than the previous lesson. Overall, the teaching attitude and professionality is super important for the student to engage more with the learning activity and to enjoy the class as an individual or as a whole.