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i learnt many skills and strategies for teaching a group of students in this unit. it gives alot of useful and practical options for teachers to choose when faced with a class of new students, mixed ability students and so on. In particular, i enjoyed learning about how a teacher can build rapport with students and understand the motivation behind students. I also enjoyed the reminders of how teachers should always be receptive to students, encouraging and motivating instead of demanding. Overall, this unit gives me a good idea of how to prepare for a class.Unit 9 introduces the concept of lesson planning, preparations made by teachers before a lesson. Lesson planning takes into account student and teacher objectives, materials used during class, activities to achieve the lesson's objectives, how long each activity takes, and possible problems arising during activities. Every lesson must be evaluated afterwards to improve future lesson plans and examine the effectiveness of students' in-class activities. Changes can be made for the lesson plan in order to get closer to achieving student and teacher objectives.