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This lesson deals with the types of materials that English teachers have accessible to them and provides a.guideline for how to appropriately choose materials for teachers based on students' needs and abilities. While course books are a great foundation and a tried and true method for language training, teachers are encouraged to be creative and open to designing their own material. This unit challenged the teacher to continue to seek ways to meet the students needs and go beyond the comfort of course material to provide a current, appealing and even fun method to reach students.Speaking and writing are both important, but writing is often overlooked. In order to stimulate students to want to produce language, they must want to communicate. When teaching speaking skills, the teacher can teach accuracy during the Study phase using drills and fluency during the Activate phase using creative exercises. Over-correction during the Activate phase may cause students to not want to participate. Teaching writing skills are similar to teaching speaking skills. Question: If the product of the Activate phase is submitted, how much should the teacher correct it?