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Having attempted to learn Spanish, Japanese, Thai, and Korean has made me very aware of intonation. For example, a word in Thai spoken in a rising high pitch tone, can mean something completely different if spoken in a falling low tone. I became aware of this when I was with my Thai tutor and she started laughing and turned red in the cheeks when I said a word. Apparently, what I had said was the word for female menstruation. Because of this, I can understand why students who speak tonal languages can be very concerned with pitch and tone. I had a recent conversation with a real estate partner of mine about the Vietnamese language. He's Vietnamese, and I told him that I attempted to learn Vietnamese but I have a lot of difficulty with tonal languages. He mentioned that out of all the Asian languages, he says that Vietnamese is the most difficult. I asked why and he gave me an example of 1 word in 4 different tones that mean completely different things.